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Meet Flor Hasselbring


Flor Hasselbring

Broker | North Shore Luxury Sales Specialist

What My Clients Say

Flor was tasked with finding a rental for what I consider to be a rather picky tenant (myself). She listened carefully, didn't waste my time, and came up with the perfect result in very short order. Once locked in on the target, she closed the deal quickly and got what I believe was a spectacular deal.

— Mike W.

What My Clients Say

Flor is a true professional and someone you can count on when you need it. Her great work ethic and tireless pursuit of clients' needs result in great customer service. I will recommend Flor to anyone who is looking for a Realtor without hesitation. In this tough market, you need a real professional who can get you results, and Flor delivers.

— Bill B.

What My Clients Say

My wife and I were really satisfied with Flor as our real estate agent. As first-time homebuyers, we were lost during the process, and it was nice to have Flor guide us through everything, making the process a lot easier. I would definitely recommend Flor to anyone!

— Jose R.

What My Clients Say

Flor was a pleasure to work with on our recent home purchase. She was very professional and patient during the process. Additionally, her knowledge of the local market gave us a strong advantage during the bidding and negotiating process. I look forward to working with Flor in the future, and I highly recommend her services to all.

— Marketing C.

What My Clients Say

Flor is a highly knowledgeable real estate agent, and she is a sincere pleasure to interface with. She is not only detail-oriented but also decision-oriented and passionate about client service.

— Helen L.

What My Clients Say

Flor is perfection. She thinks outside the box and finds solutions for difficult situations. She is willing to understand the buyer's needs and propose solutions accordingly. In a period of only 8 months, Flor assisted us in a cross-country move, helped get us into our desired rental, located our dream home for purchase, and found a new renter to take over our rental so that we could get out of it early ...

— Sarah H.

Work With Us

At Hasselbring Partners, we value relationships, both with clients and within the community. Flor's reputation and longstanding presence in the North Shore area attest to our dedication to building trust and delivering exceptional results. Complimented by Tracy's family's history in the community and his extensive career working on notable architectural projects across Chicago, we bring unique insight to the home buying and sales process. We believe in a no-pressure yet timely and effective sales approach, ensuring a positive experience for all involved. Please Join Us!